Block of Time Phone Numbers

If you happen to be walking down the 900 block of O’Farrell Street (between Polk and Van Ness) in San Francisco’s Tenderloin District, try some of these numbers as you pass by, for stories….

A guy who–literally–hangs out here….
Call: 415-742-1906
Year: now
Location: 951 O’Farrell St.

A prom night stop on O’Farrell Street…
Call: 415-347-5986
Year: circa 1980
Location: O’Farrell St.
The camera watching you in this parking lot…
Call: 415-323-0996
Year: Now
Location: 900-998 O’Farrell (AMC Theater Parking Lot)
The pigeon spikes on the second story window sill
Call: 415-935-0944
Year: 2008-now
Location: 951 O’Farrell
A Mississippi ex-pat who found refuge in this building
Call: 415-935-3958
Year: 1986-now
Location: 935 O’Farrell
The writer who will never forget this house
Call: 415-763-5998
Year: 1867-1906
Location: 920 O’Farrell
The “corner office” gang…
Call: 415-236-0974
Year: 1990-now
Location: Northeast corner of O’Farrell and Polk

A cab ride the owner of this restaurant can’t forget…
Call: 415-367-3138
Year: circa 1985
Location: 925 O’Farrell
A family legacy inside these walls for 3 generations…
Call: 415-997-8924
Years: 1937- now
Location: 903 O’Farrell
A fowl discovery on this sidewalk…
Call: 415-690-7964
Year: circa 1972
Location: sidewalk in front of 903 O’Farrell
Country living on O’Farrell and Polk…
Call: 415-448-6948
Year: circa 1875-1906
Location: 903 O’Farrell
Pots and pans and the American Dream…
Call: 415-236-2997
Year: 2008 – now
Location: 925 O’Farrell
A trip that started and ended in this building…
Call: 415-938-6964
Year: 2009
Location: 951 O’Farrell
Shifting sands on this corner…
Call: 415-236-2953
Year: circa 1870
Location: Northwest corner of O’Farrell and Van Ness
The policeman who used to walk this block…
Call: 415-236-0946
Year: circa 1980 – 2008
Location: O’Farrell Street
Extra sensory perception in the house that used to be here…
Call: 415-483-1284
Year: circa 1880
Location: 916 O’Farrell
The faces above this corner…
Call: 415-323-0951
Year: Circa 1890
Location: 900 O’Farrell
The music in the street…
Call: 415 – 236-2949
Year: circa 1881
Location: between 920 and 922 O’Farrell
Pickets and Cadillacs…
Call: 415-742-1933
Year: 1927, 1963, 1980s
Location: 1000 Van Ness (Northeast corner of Van Ness and O’Farrell)