Stories Everywhere

Hi, I’m Krissy Clarkan award-winning journalist, public radio reporter and editor, documentary-maker (and a fifth generation San Franciscan). is the place where now and then I showcase my experiments in location-based story telling.

There’s this audio tour I did of the Lower East Side in collaboration with StoryCorps for the New Museum.

And there’s this project where I mined one of San Francisco’s most boring-looking city blocks for hidden stories, which I marked with red balloons.

I’m interested in the way people shape places, and places shape people.  Other phrases that might describe this interest include: narrative landscapes, narrative archeology, super-hyper-local journalism, embedded radio.

If you’re confused, this short article I wrote for Harvard’s Nieman Reports might help.

I think the more we understand about the places we move through day to day, the more care we take in the world.

When I’m not thinking about location, location, location, I am the Correspondent for the Wealth and Poverty Desk at Marketplace.  You can find out more about that part of my brain and hear the stories I make for Marketplace here. A lot of the work showcased here was developed during or inspired by my time at the amazing Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford, where I got to work with the Stanford, the Bill Lane Center for the American West and some very smart folks in the Computer Science Department to explore location-aware storytelling.

You can contact me here:  blockoftime at gmail dot com