Introducing a StoriesEverywhere/StoryCorps/KQED collaboration…

Thanks to everyone who came out last Saturday to check out my latest experiment in narrative archeology!

If you couldn’t make it, the project lives on.  So, if you are in NYC’s Lower East Side, try this geolocated audio stroll of the neighborhood I just created in collaboration with StoryCorps, which debuted at the New Museum’s Festival of Ideas.

As you pass by certain spots, you can hear the walls talk, with the voices of people who have lived or worked in that place at some point in time.  I culled the stories from StoryCorps archives– an amazing resource of thousands of interviews of everyday Americans.

Print out the flier below for instructions, and a map.  If you have an iPhone, you can access the stories via a free iPhone app called “Getting Closer,” which will start automatically playing each story as you pass by the spot it’s about.  If you don’t have an iPhone, you can access the stories by dialing them up* on your cell phone (technology courtesy of Mobile Commons).

*Note: To greatly enhance the experience, wait til you’re at a spot with a story before dialing the number… the stories are meant to be heard on site.

And here’s a printable version of the flier.

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